When To Innovate

When To Innovate

The Internet innovated our ability to communicate our messages and products. Email innovated the direct mailing system (Huge threat to our postal system). Google innovated the Yellow Pages and road maps. Facebook innovated the way we socialize (and squeezed MySpace to oblivion). Netflix innovated the DVD rental market. The last horizon is Television… (Ihas always been known as the big guerrilla)

Internet connectivity, combined with the ever speed increase of bandwidth, is inevitably innovate the way we watch LIVE content. The infrastructure of the Internet combined with Digital Content Distribution (DCD) will place in the consumers hands the ability to demand from various services its content at will. Never before has traditional cable and Satellite been challenged in their home space.

When do you Innovate? When the greater community ask why. Why do we pay so much for TV? Why do we have so many cable channels that I never watch? Why do sale pay for them? Why is there nothing good on TV? Why do we only have the choice of one cable company? Why do I have to wait for the TV shows to start?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions you are part of the +90% of those who pay for TV.

As a broadcaster for over 25 years and a network executive with several cable networks on Cable and satellite TV systems, it did not take long to see this present day arrive.

Take a long look at the picture I posted on this blog. This picture well described the ever growing environment that surrounds and supports our traditional TV viewed media content. But notice the aged image that represents traditional Televison. (So Passé)

The future of the live media delivery will be this year and the media environment you see will seamlessly evolve within the content by our vision of products.

You may ask…How will this be done???

You’ll just have to hang on. It’s coming to a screen near you. EVERY SCREEN.


Last Steps to the Finish Line

One of my companies has been in the process of moving into the hands of another company. To transition a corporation from one corp to another should be easier then what it has been taking. I first figured the time would be rather short by just signing an agreement between the two companies (In which I own the line share) but it is proving to take longer due to legal advise.

Due Diligence has been the theme of the process. It’s not just a mater of signing an agreement but verifying and listing what the agreement consist.

A public company is more then going to the hedge groups and leveraging the stock that is available to a discount of its sale price. It is about presenting your story and explaining it in detail so the personnel investor could make an informed decision.

Don’t rush to decision and don’t assume that because your purchasing a public stock that everything will be ok. Do your homework and invest according to the market demands. Not the hype or presentation of great returns. Three main words to live by is “Do Your Homework”.

Doing Nothing Does Nothing

Two frogs in a bucket of milk, one drowned while the other survived. The difference was one expected the milk to dry while the other paddled so hard it turned into butter. The difference between these two is one did something.

If you always do the same thing waiting for a different result you’ll drive yourself mad. There comes a time that you have to do something to fix your situation.

Life offers us many choices. Some difficult and others not so difficult but either way it is up to you to make a choice. How do you know which is the right choice??? Because you made it.

It’s not the variation of the choice that distinguishes which is right or which is wrong. If you made a choice then that one should have been the right one considering the options which were available.

What’s worst then picking the wrong direction is not picking a direction at all. If you don’t, someone will pick it for you.

Babe Ruth held 2 records. One for most home runs and the other for most fowl balls. If he focused on his fowl balls he would have never hit home runs.

They asked him, “What was his secret to hitting home runs?” His answer… “Swing the bat!”


Building Businesses

It’s exciting to see the inner office movements of a public company. From groups interested in proper investments to the individual who is looking towards quick money. The important movement is the upturn on a healthy business model.

The most secure investors focus on Market awareness + future potential. When combining these two elements a proper investment could be made.

My very first business I built was a vegetable stand when I was 9 years of age. I worked in the field picking green tomatoes so they would turn red on the way to market. The red tomatoes on the vine were left in the field to rot.

I asked the supervisor if I could take the red tomatoes home. When I arrived home my grandma said they were the biggest she had ever seen. Our neighbor said she would buy them from me @ 3 for $1. It didn’t take me long to make a sign, sit on the corner of my city selling them to all that past by.

What started with tomatoes grew to cabbage, carrots then candy, sodas, etc. By the age of 12 I had a convenient store selling goods to our entire area clearing about $500 per week.

My uncle started asking for rent and my family who worked the store wanted raises. So I decided to sell it to them for a small profit. (Figured it was easier then dealing with a potential union. Haha)

Market demand will always set the pace for marketability. Look to the future and see what will solve a problem for a price. Supply that demand and enjoy your trips to the bank.


A Bright 2013


Today’s technology demands portability, flexibility and availability. All of these are provided by the power of the Internet.

We can access movies through Netflix or Crackle. TV shows via Hulu or CinamaNow. And soon Live TV through iPoint. How can all this happen so quickly? It is done through the use of the Internet.

Today there are billions of people who can connect from their home, office or mobile device. Third world countries provide the Internet through the ease of a cell phone.

I remember the first time I saw our live media streams from the mountains of Guatemala from a cell phone. The quality was pin sharp and crystal clear. I new in that summer of 2003 that the world was about to change. Well, that change is here.

My suggestion to everyone is to purchase the best Internet package offered in your area. Everything will be available through that tiny port whole in the wall. Shopping, bills, communication or Internet…all provided by being connected.

Over 80% of you are reading this through your cell phone which is connected to the Internet and received this due to I writing via my iPhone connected to my 3G service.

This is an amazing time to be alive.